Sine Cura


Vocals/Guitar – Ryan Taylor Bluhm
Guitar – Orlando Salinas
Bass – Kris Gallardo
Drums – Julio Cantu

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Sine Cura is a four piece alt-rock group from the lower region of Texas, USA. The band began in 2014 as a solo project by the vocalist/guitarist (Ryan Bluhm), but quickly became a full rock outfit after the release of a couple demo songs by the singer. The other (now) members heard the music and wanted to become a part of it. Fueled by interests in 80’s pop-rock, 90’s grunge, and newer alternative-emo acts, Sine Cura developed their unique sound and then recorded their debut EP completely independently.

The band has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from not only local promoters, but out of state and even internationally. Sine Cura is now touring full time and signed to Standby Records.

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