Dallas-based trio Pseudo Future have a catchy blend of alternative rock and pop rock that’s delightful for the ears. Ahead of their tour, the band is sharing their new video for “Hello Stranger,” which is a peppy anthem that perfectly suits the band. Individual shots of the band are sliced in with them playing and rocking on a lonesome road.

‘Hello Stranger’ is a personal favorite of ours,” they say of the track. “Musically — it really highlights an array of stylistically different genres we’re influenced by and brings them full circle. Lyrically- it tells the story of how the actions of a complete stranger can impact you for the better, no matter how set in your ways you might’ve been, and how those actions can inspire you to do the same for someone else.

“Writing, recording and filming this song was easily one of the most fun experiences we’ve had for this album cycle. We’re definitely gonna be playing it every night on ’The Fight or Fall’ tour with Crunkasaurus Rex this October!

As they said, Pseudo Future will be hitting the road in a few weeks. Check out the tour dates below, and you can buy their new album, Time Slips Away, here.